Psychotherapy and Counselling

The decision to change something in your life is not an easy one to make. The hope is frequently followed by fear of the new and unknown. It’s worth taking the first and the most difficult step and looking for professional help.

The therapeutic relationship, due to the safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, enables you to better understand your emotions, behavior, needs and longings. You may address your problems and get the understanding and support. Through psychotherapy you can expect to achieve not only a decrease in your symptoms and problems or greater ability to cope with everyday life but also self-awareness, deeper relationships and greater satisfaction in life.

In my private practice in Warsaw I offer professional psychotherapy for adults and teenagers who:

  • are experiencing difficulties in relationships, work or coping with everyday life,
  • experience sadness, anxiety, helplessness or problems with expressing emotions,
  • are in a crisis caused by a loss, change in life, illness etc.,
  • are lost and confused and feel unfulfilled, had difficult experiences in their childhood,
  • have trouble sleeping, experience sexual difficulties or psychosomatic complaints,
  • suffer from personality disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and other mental difficulties.

or want to work on their personal growth and self-awareness.