About therapy

I work in a paradigm based on psychoanalytical theories. They state that our personality is formed as a result of the interaction of our inborn qualities and life experiences, especially from the early childhood. The way the child experiences the world, including the relations with important people, creates unconscious patterns of feelings, thinking and relationships. This irrational and unconscious part of our psyche influences our functioning in life. Sometimes it can lead to problems such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders and general difficulties in everyday life and cause emotional suffering.

The aim of psychotherapy is to extend self-knowledge and improve your life. During the therapeutic session you are encouraged to share everything that comes to your mind – thoughts, feelings, dreams and fantasies, including those related to the therapeutic relation. My role as a therapist is to help you understand deep and unconscious emotions, conflicts and patterns of thinking. The new knowledge and emotional experience during psychotherapy enables you to make a meaningful and permanent changes in your life. As a result you acquire the ability to cope with problems, build deeper and more satisfactory relationships and develop your true potential.